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Atawhai Farm Pure Goats Milk Soaps

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Make bath time even more fun for littlies!  These gorgeous soaps are handmade from only the natural, pure ingredients of fresh goat milk, coconut oil & olive oil. The soap lathers amazingly, and is great as a whole body cleanser or shampoo.

Atawhai Farm only use quality ingredients and their soaps are laden with natural healing properties which soothe and calm the skin. Goat milk soaps are perfect for babies delicate skin, and people with sensitive skin and conditions such as dry, cracked skin, eczema and psoriasis.

Vitamins and minerals from the goat milk are absorbed into your skin. The soaps are high in Vitamin A, and this is essential for skin repair, relieving acne and reducing lines and wrinkles. It acts as a gentle anti-inflammatory for damaged skin. Goat milk contains 'Alpha Hydroxy Acids' like lactic acid. When used in a soap this aids in the removal of dead skin cells from your skin, leaving new skins cells smoother and you looking younger.

Atawhai Farm's goat milk soaps are creamy so they will not leave your skin feeling dry. The cream in the milk helps to enhance its moisturising properties, keeping your skin fresh and healthy.

Atawhai (which translates to 'pure') Farm is situated near Amberley in Canterbury, New Zealand. It is a small, family owned farm running Saanen goats, Wiltshire sheep, chickens, Kunekune pigs and dogs. The family's venture started about 4 years ago when they realised that their son could only tolerate goat milk. When they moved to their farm they decided to get Saanen milking goats so their son and family could enjoy the milk. This was the best move they ever made, as they all loved and thrived on the goat milk. The extra bonus was that they fell in love with the goats, and how much fun they are to have on their farm. Every goat has their own personality and they are full of character. The goats love getting lots of attention and cuddles especially from their children. The goats are milked by hand every day and are given a great deal of care and attention.

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