7 bath time hacks every parent needs to know

7 bath time hacks every parent needs to know

Bath time.  Some times it can be an absolute lifesaver and a time of reprieve after a long chaotic day.  Other times it can be a friggin debacle from start to finish of screaming kids, soap in eyes, toothpaste smeared on walls and of course the dreaded CODE BROWN!

We thought it might be helpful to offer a few bath time hacks to help make things a bit easier and to try and ensure every parent gets the rest (glass of wine) needed at the end of a long busy day.

1. Elmo to the rescue

For anyone who has trouble getting their toddlers to brush their teeth our old friend Elmo will solve your problems!  This youtube video has made tooth brushing time so much easier at our house...the kids love it and I have to say it's pretty dam catchy!  Brush brushy brush brushy brush brush...try it out!  Elmo Healthy Teeth Song 

2. Frozen bath toys

For something different to keep the kids entertained freeze some toys in ice cubes or ice cream containers and toss them into the bath. Your kids will love watching them melt!

3. Nailing the newborn shower

The picture that comes to mind when I think of showering with my newborn is beautiful. Warm steamy water, lovely skin to skin contact, gorgeous newborn noises of cooing and sweet smiles as we adoringly look into each others eyes.  This however is a far cry from the reality that occurred in my bathroom recently!  I had forgotten how slippery those little nuggets are...we had water in eyes, screaming and a constant fear I was going to drop the poor little guy!  That was until the very wise Mel passed on a clever bathroom hack...the multi purpose MUSLIN!  Well I tell you - I tried this last night and it was an absolute game changer!  We had cooing, sweet smiles and I was able to keep a nice grip of my sweet little guy the whole time.  Brilliant!

4. Scummy bath toys be gone!

Anyone else hate how dirty and gross bath toys get?  Even if you buy the ones without holes so they avoid mold (or use a glue gun to block them) they still manage to get a bit yucky.  Enter your trusty friend the dishwasher!  Throw them all in and give them a long cycle - all done in one easy bang!  Brilliant.

5. Electric Toothbrushes = No more battles

Electric toothbrushes are awesome and kids LOVE them!  Older kids especially like the novelty of having a more "adult" like toothbrush.  You can pretty much always pick one up on special at the supermarket too - so no need for a major investment.

6. Invest in a special towel just for them (this one's a no brainer!)

Everyone loves having their very own towel and kids are no different. It might sound silly but a good towel can go a long way. It can do a lot in making your little one excited to take a bath if there is the promise of a special towel just for them waiting for them afterward. My two older boys refuse to use any other towels and always demand to have the hoods on so they can run around the house like batman!  Shop our collection now.

7. Rig the soap pump

I know as parents we are pleased when our little ones master a new skill...but the day my boys learnt how to pump the bath soap our grocery bill went up significantly! They always give it several good pumps too many and we were constantly running out of shower wast until a found this trick!  Take a hair tie or rubber band and wrap it around right at the base of the pump several times. They can pump away to their hearts content but only use about half the soap doing it! 

So there you have it - a few bath time hacks every parent needs to know to help keep the sanity in tact!

Good luck out there team

Ange x

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