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Our Story

Like many tales of start-up businesses in New Zealand, the idea behind Troupe was driven out of an unsatisfied want (or need!) which drive us to embark on a new adventures.

Created in 2016 by Mel & Ange, two beautiful Kiwi Mums who were both on the hunt for gorgeous towelling garments to keep their nudey escapees warm as they raced around the house post bath and swim. Something stylish that would look as fabulous on their kids as it did on the towel rails. With several months of hard work and planning, Troupe was created in 2016 in Rotorua, NZ.

Fast forward to 2021, Troupe is now owned and operated by Anna and her wee family which include her husband Carl aka Chief Box Carrier and the latest and loudest addition - Isla Eve  - the real inspiration behind getting involved with Troupe.

After Isla arrived in mid 2020 (and during a global pandemic), the new parents were soon overwhelmed by the sheer amount of baby products of varying cost and quality on the market and the limitation the pandemic posed for online shopping only. After a couple of purchase regrets and fails, they made the conscious decision to only purchase top quality garments that would look after bubba’s delicate skin and super importantly that supported local NZ businesses owners.

Fortuitously, Troupe was a local purchase they had already made (and loved) so they leapt at the opportunity to be part of the next chapter of the Troupe story with a product they could hand on heart say was truly the best available… 

Welcome to our Troupe journey, we are stoked to have you along for the ride! 

Anna, Carl & Isla  xxx