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Our Story

Like many tales of start-up businesses in New Zealand, the idea behind Troupe was driven out of an unsatisfied want (or need!) which led us to embark on a new adventure.

Created by Mel & Ange, two beautiful Mums who were both on the hunt for gorgeous towelling garments to keep their nudey escapees warm as they raced around the house post bath and swim. Something stylish that would look as fabulous on their kids as it did on the towel rails. With several months of hard work and planning, Troupe was here!

Just like Mel & Ange, I have a desire for a combination of gorgeous yet practical things in my home. Throw in some contemporary designs and beautiful fabrics that stand the test of (bath) time – and I’m a happy lady!

My name is Nicole, I live in the beautiful Bay of Plenty with my partner Johnno and our two gorgeous boys – Nate and Jordie. I am passionate about our products and look forward to sharing this journey with you all. We have some exciting ideas that I am sure you will love also.

We are hugely excited about having your troupes looking gorgeous and feeling snug (not to mention your towel rails looking a whole lot more stylish!).

 Nicole x