Easy Peasy Snack Time

Easy Peasy Snack Time

It still blows my mind how much children need to eat. Two of my children aged 7 and 9 eat the same size meal as me at dinner and that is even with a huge amount of afternoon snacks. I get they are super active but who knows where they put it all as they are skinny little things too!

So given so much of our role as a mum is food preparation (don't you feel like you are permanently in the kitchen some days!) Ange and I thought we would share with you some of our favourite snacks for our troupes. No Martha Stewart pinny required for these either - we are all about easy and quick!

1. Frozen peas and berries

If you haven't discovered frozen peas as a snack for your little one we highly recommend you try it. The perfect snack if you have grizzly kids just before dinner - obviously they are healthy, don't fill you up too much and for the littlest ones will keep them distracted for ages as they try to get their pincher grip and hand eye coordination going! This is still one of my three's standard go to snacks.

Frozen berries are great too - just either get the children to use a teaspoon to eat them or otherwise be prepared for a rather alarming mess.

2. Whipped frozen banana

I only recently discovered the deliciousness for whipped frozen banana from Ange. Where has it been all my life? It is pretty close to as good as ice cream and throw a few sprinkles on it and the children will definitely think its basically the same! Just wrap a peeled banana in glad wrap and freeze. Pop into your smoothie maker or blender and blend it until it looks like ice cream - delish!

3. Coconut popcorn

OMG this is so moreish - it is definitely worth a whirl. Instead of using the usual olive oil or butter for making your pop corn definitely try using a generous tablespoon of coconut oil instead. It is the bomb. Make sure you cover with lashings of salt too. My kids devour it. I make a giant container of it and use it for school lunches every day.

4. The humble boiled egg

I often forget about the humble boiled egg but when I do remember it is like gold in our house. Now I do a mass boil and then have a stash in the fridge for the kids to help themselves. They love peeling them as much as eating them - they are wonderfully filling too.

5. Roasted chickpeas

These are nutty tasting and delicious and super easy to make. Heat oven to 220 C, open can of chick peas, dry them off, throw a bit of oil, salt and spices like ground cumin or garam masala over them. Into the oven for 40 minutes - shake them around now and then - and you're done.

Well there you go - see no culinary skills are really required at all! Hope you have had a great week - especially those that now have children back at school - phew!

Watch this space for next week as we will be launching our new baby towels. It will give you an idea of the colour for our summer range of kids towels coming out later in the year. So excited.

Mel x

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