Meet the New Troupers

Meet the New Troupers

From stoked customers to proud owners!

Meet the new owners of Troupe! Anna and her wee family which include her husband Carl aka Chief Box Carrier, first born fur baby (an elderly half-sausage dog) Hazel and the latest and loudest addition - Isla Eve  - the real inspiration behind getting involved with Troupe. 

After Isla arrived in mid 2020 (and during a global pandemic!), the new parents were soon overwhelmed by the sheer amount of baby products of varying cost and quality on the market and the limitation the pandemic posed for online shopping only. After a couple of purchase regrets and fails, they made the conscious decision to only purchase top quality garments that would look after bubba’s delicate skin and super importantly that supported local NZ businesses owners.

Fortuitously, Troupe was a local purchase they had already made (and loved) so they leapt at the opportunity to be part of the next chapter of the Troupe story with a product they could hand on heart say was truly the best available… 

Based in Rotorua, they have spent many a day at the lakes lounging and playing so having a product that is practical but also enjoyable for kiddies to wear is important so when they found out about the older kiddie range as well - they thought "even better" there is a Troupe towel for every age and stage!

With big plans and wild ambitions, Isla and her Mum and Dad welcome you to their Troupe journey, they are stoked to have you along for the ride! 

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