Non-Choccy Easter Treat Ideas

Non-Choccy Easter Treat Ideas

Well its been a little while since we have written one of these! I think only now do we feel like we are getting on top of the Christmas and New Year craziness.

Given the time the year we thought it was only appropriate that we did something Easter related - can't believe it is that time of the year already! Here are a few non-chocolate ideas to compliment the usual Easter treats.

Olli Ella Baskets

Perfect for gathering eggs on the annual Easter hunt, the Olli Ella range have so many gorgeous options. These are the perfect accessory for every occasion - not just Easter! Check out the gorgeous range at Monkey Kids.

Bunny Led Lights

How fun are these little numbers from Shut the Front Door - I know my kids will be all over these!

Burrow and Be Baxter Clothing Range

You don't get much more gorgeous than this. We are loving Burrow and Be's baby clothing range - especially these little bunnies.

Dino Eggs

Here is a slight twist on giving the traditional chocolate egg. These are a huge hit with my boys no matter how many times we do them. They become slightly obsessed! You can grab these little puppies from Little Trooper.

Egg Cups

Egg cups are one of my favourite Easter gifts for some reason. The children love using them over and over and remembering when they received them at Easter. Check out this gorgeous range from Little Whimsy.

We wish you the best for your Easter preparations! Remember to keep watching this space for our Easter sale coming up soon.

Mel x

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