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The hunt for boys summer t-shirts...

So excited to see all of the summer stock coming out!  We are so lucky in NZ to have such awesome ranges to pick from.  I've been on the hunt for some boys t-shirts so thought I would share some of my fav pics from some of our stockists...(girl's tees will be next!)  Click on the image to go straight to the store's website!

Minti - Hello Goodbye Singlet - The Kids Store

Loving the Minti range this year!  As always they have a fun edge and something a bit different!  Such good quality too they will last season to season - definitely worth the investment!  The Kids Store have a great range online - click on the pic below to go shopping on their online store!

 Boys Singlet | Minti | Troupe | Kids Towels

Gray Label - Charcoal Short Sleeved Playsuit - Dapper Mr Bear

Okay so not really a t-shirt as such but just love, love, love this play suit from Gray Label. Dapper Mr Bear have been stocking this beautiful label for a while now and it is just gorgeous!

Shark Tooth Collector - Noeser Tee from Little Trooper

Little Trooper based in Tauranga and now Mount Maunganui has a great selection of kids clothing and toys.  You are bound to find something you love in store or online like this cool Noeser Tee.

Little Trooper NZ | Stockist | Troupe |Hooded Towels

Band of Boys Different Faces Different Places - White Gold

Yet again Band of Boys have nailed it this summer with their fun fresh range!  Click on the image below to head straight to our stockist White Gold based in Whakatane for a peek at the range!

White Gold | Band of Boys | Troupe Stockist

Mini Munster Siked Tee -  Grey + Wild

Of course we had to feature a stripe! There are so many awesome t-shirts at Grey + Wild its waaayyyyy too hard to choose.  Go and check out their fantastic selection online or in store (details on our Stockists page). They are based in Takapuna and have just opened a second store in Ponsonby!

Striped Tee | Munster Kids | Grey + Wild | Troupe

Eeni Meeni Miini Moh - Live Life Loud Tee - Baby Divine

Baby Divine is one of our newest stockists and they have such a fantastic range of products!  Their t-shirt selection is awesome (not to mention the rest of the clothing).  You MUST check out their online store!  Love this t-shirt from Eeni Meeni Miini Moh.  Click on the pic to go shopping!

T-Shirt | Baby Divine | Troupe Stockist

So there you go a few pics to get you started if you too are on the hunt for some different fun boys t-shirts!  Next up will be the girls list.

Happy shopping everyone 





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