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Here at Troupe we clearly love kids hooded towels but sadly we can’t dress our kids in them all day!  As a result we both spend quite a bit of time shopping for our Troupe’s.  With five kiddies between us ranging from 11 months to 8 years we have had a bit of experience finding the best (and the worst) kids brands.  So we thought for a bit of fun we would share some of our favourite kids clothing brands!  I’ll (Ange) be covering the under 3’s and Mel the overs.


In no particular order….and yes I had trouble stopping - there are just way too many great kids brands - especially here in NZ!

Cotton On Kids – I love this place!  Always right on trend and with a little bit of edge.  The baby range is great and their basics make awesome under layers…not to mention those zip up onesies!  For the toddlers the range is also fab and cheap enough that it doesn’t matter if they get a bit of a working over while the kids are out exploring.  The only thing I would say is although reasonably priced… …that stuff is so dam cool you will always walk our having spent WAY more than required!!

Lamington Socks – I love love love Lamington Socks!  They are so warm, long and they stay on!!!  Even when your little one decides to crawl around the whole house…also great for pulling right up and keeping toddler legs warm under their pants.  Another good thing is they last through the siblings as they are such good quality!

Perriam – Mel and I are both huge fans of Perriam…an awesome NZ company who have quite frankly nailed it when it comes to quality merino.  Just the right thickness the baby range is fabulous and has lasted through two of my boys already and buying a merino hoodie each season is just standard protocol around here. Priced slightly on the higher side, I have to say Perriam is worth the investment!

Beau Hudson – These guys are the epitome of cool! If you like to dress your little one with a little bit of edge then this is definitely a good place for you to start (they do an adult range too). Their denim range is awesome and their beanies and hats are always in high demand! Go check out their site you are bound to find something you love for your little one!  

Baby Factory – I have to do a shout out to good old Baby Factory!  I always head here to get my basics for the kiddies.100% cotton singlets and body suits for all ages and they are so reasonably priced it’s a no brainer!  Also their merino tops and long sleeve body suits are fantastic for layering up in the winter.

Pretty Brave - These shoes are so so cool! My youngest has a number of pairs (it seems they are a very popular granny gift - lucky boy!). They are beautifully made and designed! My absolute favs are the black high tops and I can't wait to see what they bring out for summer!! They have definitely filled a huge gap in the market in terms of super cute shoes for little feet! 

Minti – The Minti range is so fun and fresh!  Just the right amount of funk and edge and love it!  Great for young babies and toddlers they seem to have got it just right in terms of the age ranges.  Great quality too so you can pass it down through the kids or even better sell it on Trade Me when you are done!

Noah & Bowie – If I had a little girl this is where I would be heading!  Mandy has put together a gorgeous range with great pieces that can be layered and utilized for both summer and winter.  Her baby wraps are absolutely beautiful too - a must have and fantastic new baby gift!! Always in high demand you need to get in quick with the Noah & Bowie range so if you are not already you should be following her on Instagram @noahandbowie.


OVER 3's

Wow – where do you even start – there are so many cool brands out there but here are the first ones that come to mind!

G.Nancy – How beautiful and soft are these pjs?? Such gorgeous illustrations and designs, with the most delicious soft cotton. I can’t wait to see what delights they have coming up for their next range. I only wish they came in adult sizes!

Beau Loves – I have an eight year old girl who is determined not to look pretty or cute hence Beau Loves is the perfect option for her.  They have a great street edge but the girl’s clothes often have a lovely feminine touch. Truly a high quality clothing brand with clever edgy designs. They describe themselves as “quirky clothes for adventurous kids” which is exactly what they are. Definitely worth the investment.

Country Road – We have been huge CR fans for years – especially during sale time! We buy everything from t-shirts, to jeans, to leather boots and are very rarely disappointed in both the styles and quality of the children’s clothing and footwear.  We especially love their winter vests for girls (fluffy) and boys (quilted) – I generally buy one every season (on sale of course) for the older two – poor Charlie always gets the hand me downs!

Havaianas – These are an integral part of our family’s summer wardrobe. For nine years now we have religiously purchased for the entire family – actually, except for Charlie who just gets the hand me downsL. They seem to be the comfiest jandals about – the children never have had problems wearing them and they never seem to blow a plug!

Scotch Shrunk – The only way to describe the children’s version of Scotch and Soda is just divine. What amazingly beautiful children’s clothing with the most gorgeous fabrics and attention to detail. If you are looking for some gorgeous children’s clothes that are classic but with a beautiful edge then Scotch Shrunk is it. I love both the children’s and adults brands and would love to kit the entire family out in their clothes! Unfortunately it is a little on the pricey side (especially for the children) but definitely worth the investment! It is a little more difficult to get hold of in NZ but if you pop over to Australia do have a wee peek.

If only we had unlimited amounts of cash and could shop these awesome brands all of the time - oh's still fun to look!! 

Have a great weekend when it gets here!

Mel & Ange x

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