Top 5 Christmas Picks for Boys! (Under 3's and Over 3's)

Well Christmas is really not helping the online shopping addiction!  Is it just me or is there just so many more awesome products out this year!?! 

So to help all you fabulous Troupers out (and to share the obsession) we have pulled together two top 5 list of Christmas gifts...I have done the under 3's and Mel the overs - working to our current strengths!

And don't you worry - the girls list is coming up shortly too!!!


1. Construction Utensils from White Gold

How AWESOME are words required really!

+ The Construction Cutlery is dishwasher and microwave safe
+ No paints are used to colour the cutlery
+ The cutlery is manufactured using only FDA approved materials
+ Third party certification that the Construction Cutlery contains NO Lead, NO Bisplenol A (BPA), NO PVC, and NO Phthalates.


2. Oli and Carol Bath Toys from Grey + Wild

Oli and Carol |Kids Gifts | Troupe Towels

If you follow us on Instagram (YOU BETTER BE!) then you are well aware of my obession with these Oli and Carol Origami Boats.  Made from 100% natural products by two sisters in Barcelona....there are awesome cars and ducks and other kinds too.  Perfect for teething and bath time!


3. Jelly Cat Bashful Silver Bunny from The Kids Store

Troupe Hooded Towels | Kids Gift Ideas | Bashful Bunny | The Kids Store

I've always been a bit of a sucker for the Jelly Cat Bashful Bunnies...if you are buying for a little newbie then they HAVE to have one of these in their life.  So beautifully soft and snuggly and they really so handle all the love (slobber) a baby/toddler has too give! Super easy to just biff in the wash too!


4. Pull Back Wooden Cars from Dapper Mr Bear

Kids Gift Ideas | Troupe Hooded Towels | Kids Towels | Christmas Gifts

These are soooo cool!  A great new twist on an old-time favourite. Just pull back and vrooooooooom! Off you go! These cars come in a variety of gorgeous colours and will bring so much fun you'll want to fill your garage.

5. Playmat & Go Road Map from Monkey Kids

Kids Gift Ideas | Play and Go | Troupe Kids Towels

These mats are the best! My little 2 and a half year old can't get enough of his and he even likes the novelty of packing everything up...LONG MAY THAT LAST!  They are meant to hang on a hook for storage but look just as cool in the corner of the room.   



1. Quoits sets from The Ko Store

Quoits | Kids Gifts | Gift Ideas | Troupe Hooded Towels

Make summer memories with this fun game! These quoits sets are the real deal. The quoits made in the same shed in Australia for the last 40 years and the gorgeous American white oak base and spike are locally made in good old Gissy (where all good things are made!)


2.Love Mae Dinosaur Poster from Monkey Kids 

Christmas List | Kids Gifts | Troupe Towels

For all the little dinosaur freaks out there!  Would look so cool in the bedroom!!

3. Lego Alarm Clock from Allium 

Kids Gifts | Lego Clock | Troupe Towels


This clock is AWESOME!  The perfect addition to any kids room!  

  • 19 x 9.5 x 7 cm
  • Alarm clock
  • Snooze function (ha lets hope they get used to using that!!)
  • LCD screen with backlight
  • Battery included
  • Made from ABS

4. Any of these amazing sets of outdoor games from Little Trooper

Little Trooper | Kids Gifts | Troupe Towels

The jenga looks AWESOME and comes in two sizes!  But any of these sets will be an absolute hit!  Hours of family fun!!

5. Moby Dick Sprinking from Kid Republic 

Kids Gifts | Troupe Towels | Kid Republic

Perfect for those hot summer days outside!!  They kids will have loads of fun running and jumping on and over this awesome sprinkler!


So there are a few ideas for you all!!  It's so much fun looking for gifts for the littlies - but boy oh boy is it hard to choose!


Happy shopping everyone 

Ange & Mel xx

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