Troupe's Kids Beachside Necessities!

Troupe's Kids Beachside Necessities!

Wow - how ready for summer are you?! We are totally hanging out and can't wait to get beachside as soon as it warms up. We thought it might be handy to share some of our favourite things to make those beach adventures a little easier (and more sane!).

1. S'well Drink Bottles

Initially I thought these were a bit gimmicky but OMG - they are the bomb! They keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 and man do they work. The kids love them as they always have access to ice cold water even if they leave their bottle in the boiling sun for the day. Grab these from our favourite Whakatane stockist White Gold.

2. Funscreen Sunscreen

Well aren't these just the bomb. Never thought I would see the day the children are happy to put sunscreen on themselves. Who would have thought a shark cap would have so much impact. The children have one each in their school bags too in case they get caught out - works a treat! You can grab these from lots of places including our awesome stockist The Kids Store.

3. Little Renegade Company Caps

Long gone are the battles to get the rascals to wear a hat with these little numbers. Our stockist Little Trooper has the greatest range - you might end up having to buy a couple as your little person just wont be able to decide!

4. Life Vests

Having had a number of near drowning experiences with our three ratbags (actually it was mainly the two boys of course) - I would always throw a little life vest on our ratbags at the beach and lake. Trying to grab wet little slippery toddlers in even the smallest of waves is a mission but having one of these to grab hold of is awesome not to mention all the other safety benefits! There are loads around but I did find this great range online at Frogs and Toadstools.

5. Troupe Ponchos and Towels

Kind of goes without saying really :) ! So great at the beach or by the lake après swim. They will keep those beach bandits warm and snug as they build sandcastle cities and create havoc chasing sea gulls. Made from 100% cotton using a jacqaurd weave they are lovely and soft yet made for the ruggedness of the beach environment. They wash up a treat too. Grab yours here!


May your summer be endless!!

Mel x



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