Troupe's Mums Beachside Necessities

I thought it was only fair that we did one for the mums as well! We know what a mission it can be to take the family for a nice "relaxing" trip to the beach so we thought we would share some of our top finds.

Wetsuit Tops

I discovered these a couple of years ago and all I can say is hallelujah! These are great on so many levels I don't even know where to start. These keep you so snug and warm for those hours that you spend chasing little people around in the water. They take the edge off when you are spending hours boogie boarding with the older kids. Best of all thoguh they hold the mummy belly in and bikinis in place!. You can grab these from your favourite surf shop or online at places like

Neoprene Totes

We love a good beach bag and these neoprene bags are the best thing since sliced bread for the beach. Perfect for wet togs and towels and all the other beach paraphernalia! Even better they are machine washable too! Would be so great if they did a children's size too! We love this gorgeous tote from Shut the Front Door.

Saltwater Sandals

While these are great for the kids and they are also fabulous for us gorgeous mums! I have the sandals and Andrea has the slides and we both love them. Comfy, robust and not bad to look at - we are huge fans of these little numbers. Our wonderful stockist Little Trooper has a lovely range for mums and little ones.

Bird and Knoll Kaftans and Scarves

If you are looking for a gorgeous cover up then go no further than Bird and Knoll. While they are a little on the more pricey side their fabrics are amazing quality and the prints on their scarves are just beautiful. These are definitely something worth adding to the Christmas wish list.


Moontide One Piece Swimsuits

One of our favourite finds for this summer is Moontide's latest range of one piece swimsuits. These are a great cut - not too high in the leg and not too low at the top - perfect if you are feeling a little self conscious after having bubbas. Check out some of their latest collections here.

May the force be with you beach side!!

Mel x

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