What the Heuristic?

What the Heuristic?



  1. enabling someone to discover or learn something for themselves.
    "a ‘hands-on’ or interactive heuristic approach to learning
When you first hear the word ‘heuristic’, do you say 'bless you' and pass the tissue-box?  Nope, it's not a sneeze it's actually a concept of play. Head to any Plunket, SPACE or Parents Centre group with your bubba and you’ll spot these treasure baskets filled to overflowing with odds and sods of what looks like the contents of my kitchen junk draw.

This is the basis of heuristic play, open ended, hands on exploration and creative problem solving. Wooden buttons, ribbons, loofah and the odd preserving ring – these collections make the babies go wild. Many a baby brawl has erupted over wire egg cup or silicone spatula. 

Personally, I love idea that all the senses are utilised – textures, sounds and tastes everything is explored. Your treasure basket can be made up of used items, new items, natural and real- world items from around the house. 

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t make your own Treasure Baskets but if you prefer here is also a collection of New Zealand companies who we love and created playsets for us:

Want to know more? Check out this article about creating up your own setup:



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