Zughetti - what isn't there to love?

Zughetti - what isn't there to love?

What do you get when you cross zuchinni and spaghetti? Zughetti of course, or zoodles if you are more of a noodle goer and they are the bomb. Easy, healthy and a total blast to make - it's our latest favourite thing at Troupe headquarters. These are a great way to smuggle more veges on the plate without any fuss or complaints from the little cherubs in the house.

Grab yourself a spiraliser from Steven's or Milly's or the like, and get those kids spiralising! Our troupe love watching the zuchinni worms squirm all over the place. Either serve them raw or blanch them for a couple of minutes and top with your favourite bolognese  and you are on to a winner!

If you want to make them more fancy for the grown ups whip through some coriander pesto, halved cherry tomatoes and pumpkin seeds and you have a delicious salad just like that.

Hope you are enjoying the last of those summer days and balmy nights.

Until next time.

Mel x






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