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Easy Peasy Snack Time

It still blows my mind how much children need to eat. Two of my children aged 7 and 9 eat the same size meal as me at dinner and that is even with a huge amount of afternoon snacks. I get they are super active but who knows where they put it all as they are skinny little things too! So given so much of our role as a mum is food preparation (don't you feel like you are permanently in the kitchen some days!) Ange and I thought we would share with you some of our favourite snacks for...

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Rub a dub dub fun in the tub!

I don't know about you but I LOVE bath's a time where you can keep the little ones entertained (and contained) for a good period of time and regroup at the end of what is often a busy day!  If you are lucky you may even get to have a cheeky glass of wine while you watch.  The key to successful bath time is having the essentials at hand.  Firstly this is of course at least one of our gorgeous 100% cotton hooded towels (SHOP NOW!) and second is having some decent bath toys!!! Sick of all of our...

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Two ingredient pizza base! It's a no fail recipe mamma's!

Well, if you know me at all you will know that I am certainly no whiz in the kitchen! Throw a good kitchen hack at me any day and i'll grab it with both hands!!  Before children I used to love cooking and having dinner parties but now it just seems all too hard and to be honest kids meals don't really get me very excited.   So when a friend came to stay and whipped up this little number for all of the kids I was rapt! Ridiculously easy, quick and you only need two very basic ingredients!  Greek...

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Zughetti - what isn't there to love?

What do you get when you cross zuchinni and spaghetti? Zughetti of course, or zoodles if you are more of a noodle goer and they are the bomb. Easy, healthy and a total blast to make - it's our latest favourite thing at Troupe headquarters. These are a great way to smuggle more veges on the plate without any fuss or complaints from the little cherubs in the house. Grab yourself a spiraliser from Steven's or Milly's or the like, and get those kids spiralising! Our troupe love watching the zuchinni worms squirm all over the place. Either serve them raw or...

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Baby Fever at Troupe HQ

With the newest member of our Troupe family due to arrive in March there is definitely a serious case of baby fever going on!  There are so many beautiful products out there at the moment but here is a quick list of the favourites discovered so far: 1.  Number one on the list is of course our Baby Hooded Towels!  Having received a few baby towels as gifts previously we found them short lived in terms of size and to be completely honest either plain ugly or just down right boring!  It seems there was only white, pink or blue to...

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